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Can't find RiaContext

posted Jan 26, 2010, 11:00 AM by Rene Rasmussen
I have been testing the Business application template using RIA services and find it very interesting. I plan to post more on that subject later, especially how to use multiple tables with relations.

This is short entry is just a tip for others who get the November release of RIA services, but are testing older samples. You will probably realize your version don't know the RiaContext class.
With the renaming of .Net RIA services to WCF RIA Services the RiaContext has also been renamed and is now WebContext.

I simply replace all RiaContext with WebContext and all the older demo samples complied nicely, 
...well actually I also replaced all Context with DataContext, but then it worked. 

You will find more about upgrading from .Net RIA to WCF RIA in this blog.