EQATEC are dedicated to software development and we do our absolutely best to constantly develop the simplest and most efficient solutions to help our customers do their best. Every single employee has a university or engineering degree within the field of software development. Every single employee will strive to help you before you even realize you need help. In short our business focus is:
  • Superior products that’s easy to use
  • Superior customer support

From the very beginning we decided that it doesn’t really matter what we think. What really matters is what our customers think. We’ll always listen to you and we’ll always do our best to help you and steer our development effort in the direction of a constantly better service.

EQATEC is headquartered in the old central part of Copenhagen, Denmark a few 100 meters from Tivoli.

Social responsibility
EQATEC is committed to being a force for good in the community. We support non-profit open-source projects. Further we support the The Danish Cancer Society with yearly donations.

EQATEC Products: